/A Look At Some Of The Best Islands To Visit In Indonesia

A Look At Some Of The Best Islands To Visit In Indonesia

Indonesia, the small country in south-east Asia is famous for its islands. The country comprises of around 13000 islands. Around 8000 are inhabited. It also is a fascinating country in terms of diversity and there are almost 300 languages being spoken. In fact it is the world’s largest island country because of the sheer numbers of islands which make up this nation. Hence, as an Australian tourist apart from visiting the mainland, you must also try and identify a few gorgeous islands. This will make your entire trip memorable and complete. We are sharing below information about a few of the attractive islands which must be a part of your itinerary when you visit Indonesia. We believe that the information could be useful in selecting the best islands to visit in Indonesia from a tourism perspective.

Thousand Islands

If you are looking for a quick trip from capital Jakarta, Thousand Islands could be one of the best choices. It is situated around 74 miles from Jakarta. It can be reached only by boats and the boat ride in itself will be fascinating. It would take around two hours to cover the distance from Jakarta (one way). If you go on a conducted trip you will get around five hours to spend on thousand islands. However, if you can hire a private boat, you can spend more time and go deeper into the islands. It has some of the best flora and fauna that nature can offer.


Banga Belitung Islands

Banga Belitung is a secluded getaway offering some of the finest and natural environments. The best thing about Banga Belitung is that you can reach the island by flight either from Jakarta or from Batam. Jakarta would be a better option because it takes just around 60 minutes to reach Banga Belitung. The white sand beaches and stunning views of the horizon will remain etched in your memories for many years.


Karimunjawa Islands

For many, this could be the ideal tropical paradise on earth. Karimunjawa islands are famous for the best of white-sand beaches. The beaches are dotted on the fringe with palm trees. Further the turquoise water is quite bright and crystal clear. The weather is warm all the 365 days of the year. It is not crowded with tourists and therefore if you are looking a beach resort that is not spoilt too much by human inhabitation, Karimunjawa Island is the place to be in. You can fly to this island from Jakarta and the flight time takes just around 40 minutes.


Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan

Derawan Islands is not exactly in the map of foreign tourists. You may not find many foreign tourists here, but if you want to enjoy serenity, peace and calm, away from the maddening human crowd then this is the place to be in. You can dive and have a closer look at some of the most awesome corals. You also will have some frightening (but mostly harmless) sharks as your company. You also could come across many whale sharks and it also is a fascinating turtle-nesting place. It has a sanctuary where you could see thousands of turtles laying and hatching their eggs.

The above are just a few of the many dozens of islands which are part of Indonesia. You must stay in this country for months if you are keen on visiting the other important islands.