/Top 5 Nightclubs To Party At in Bali

Top 5 Nightclubs To Party At in Bali

It is no doubt that Bali is an amazing haven for partying and relaxing all week long. It is fun, the climate is excellent, there are many things to see, and the price is affordable. Among these activities, enjoying a nightclub is certainly one of the best experiences since it can give you a dynamic atmosphere and holiday vibe.
Whatever your personal taste is, here are the best nightclubs in Bali that must be on your must-do list if you want to get the best experience on the local nightlife.
1. Boshe VVIP
Boshe is one of the most popular nightlife and entertainment spots for local people in Bali. Few foreign visitors visit here but that is totally a mistake since the atmosphere in this nightclub is really fun and lively.
The party often begins with a live band singing either Indonesian or English songs and then goes on with a DJ performing popular EDM during the night. Also, various models and dancers surprisingly spice up the scenes with fashion shows and sexy dance. Special programs and events also add variety to the agenda of Boshe.
Address: Ngurah Rai 89X, Kuta
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday, 13:00 – 3:00
2. Jenja
Jenja Bali club is a popular party venue that is decorated with ultra-stylish interiors and multi-concent, gorgeous restaurant, bar and lounge terrace over 2 floors.
This is an amazing place to have parties with friends since you can enjoy the chillout music while having a sip of refreshing cocktails, especially “Janja Moon” and “Tropical Tickle”. Plush sofas are placed on the area that is covered with 11,000 subtly-lit, interlinked battens, making it a breathtaking scene for couples.
Address: 18 Jalan Nakula, Seminyak
Opening hours: Wednesday – Thursday, 21:00 – 4:00
Friday – Saturday: 21:00 – 5:00
Sunday: 22:00 – 4:00
3. Mirror Bali Club and Lounge
What makes everybody love this nightclub is its Gothic design with towering ceilings, stained glass windows, and mosaic-like decor on the wall. They even add a futuristic system of the laser lightings to provide you with the most immersive and coolest spaces to drink, dance and party all over the night.
True to the name, you can experience a dazzling effect while enjoying the beats from the DJs. thanks to the combination of the chromatic lasers and sparkly linings.
Address: 106 Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak
Opening hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 23:00 – 4:00
4. SkyGarden Rooftop Lounge
SkyGarden is by far the biggest and most popular nightclub in Bali. It is constructed on a 3-floor building with a variety of services and activities such as a rooftop bar, an EDM dance floor, a nightclub called “Sky Done”, an R&B room, and an Irish pub. Therefore, you can easily choose the best venue to hang out, dine, and drink with cold beers, funky beats, and buffets.
The SkyGarden is especially worth visiting on the weekends since there will be fire dancers and sexy dancers who keep the night vivid and impressive.
Address: 61 Jalan Legian, Legian
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday, 18:00 – late
As the rice fields in Seminyak and Kuta have vanished and the beach is getting polluted, the nightlife experience has increasingly become one of the main reasons for visiting Bali these days.
Bars and nightclubs are opening up like mushrooms everywhere in this beautiful island but only a few of them manage to be successful and busy. We hope our list will help you enjoy a great time in Bali, Indonesia.