/Trending Womens Wedding Rings – What Are Your Options?

Trending Womens Wedding Rings – What Are Your Options?

When it comes to trending womens wedding rings, there are several choices available. The choice of wedding rings for women is more complicated than that of men, as women are fond of glitter and detail whereas men like a conservative style.

When a woman is shopping for a wedding ring, they tend to forget the practicality for the sake of trend and this is quite normal. Here are some great options for women’s wedding rings:

If you need a wedding ring with small details then you should consider platinum or palladium. These two metals are hard to wear and require low maintenance. If you opt for yellow or rose gold bands, then you should go for 18k purity or higher. The wedding rings with higher karat alloys tend to have a higher abrasion resistance, which makes them long-lasting.

If you want to wear your wedding band together with an engagement ring, it is imperative to consider the shape of the ring, in order to ensure that the band fits well. For example, not many diamond ring designs offer enough space behind the diamond, which is quite strange because wearing the band next to the diamond ring is a trend. A classic wedding band is often the best solution to this problem, as it can be placed next to the classic four prong knife shank solitaire, thereby creating a huge gap between the band and the ring’s shank.

It will be a good idea to avoid high prong diamond bands. This type of setting can hook on clothing and end up causing skin irritation. The best design is plain channel setting. Click here for platinum engagement rings in Melbourne. Avoid choosing hallowed designs that could accumulate dirt inside.

With that said, you should consider all available options before choosing trending womens wedding rings. This will help you get the best type of wedding ring.